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VS ACADEMY creates a third place and
We are training specialists in solving human relations problems.


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January 1, 2021

From January 2020, we introduced an academy system so that many people can work on the qualification certification business of the Japanese Language Sommelier Association with more peace of mind, and all the "secrets of communication" that have been taught only to members so far. We have begun to provide a place to show off to everyone.

Communication qualification

January 1, 2021

Our academy has a 10-step qualification system, and participants are based on real life, not a place where they only get the "qualifications" that are common in the streets or where they learn "the way they are addicted to the pattern". At the same time, we are focusing only on improving the problem-solving ability of human relationships.

School Application
A Classroom Lecture

War and peace everyone tried to cherish something

It's just a result.
The problem is that no one knows "self" well and how to "cherish" it.

Rey Carl Hatsushiro

Our Academy's highest qualification

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