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Activities of our academy

Would you like to become a sommelier of words?

VS ACADEMY enrollees are learning everywhere.

Our instructors are cheerful and friendly, so not only lectures in prestigious places, but also

I teach at cafes near your city, and sometimes at tourist spots, so that you can learn while doing active activities.
Sometimes I go to see a movie and deepen my learning by using the movie as a theme.

Students in Classroom

I am taking a certification exam.

For problem-solving specialists

There are 10 levels of qualifications for this academy.

Up to 6th grade, we will learn basic knowledge and utilize it in real life. If you reach level 5 or above, you will also have your own classroom and will be able to carry out business activities using the knowledge and experience you have cultivated. By unraveling the "entanglement of human relationships" that always occurs around you, you will be able to earn trust, a comfortable living environment, and even rewards. I think this is also a condition for the instructors of this academy to smile.

Life support club

Full support from specialists

The biggest feature of this club is that you can consult with the highest qualification holder of this academy about anything related to the life of club members, and various problems will be solved reliably at any time and place. So, it is leading to overwhelming stress reduction and time saving. You really want to solve the problems that are familiar to you.

Teenage Girls with Masks

If you notice it is cozy

Deepen learning from fun


Event rally

Travel changes oneself

For academy students who learned the basics in the reception class

Regular school trips are waiting for you. Snowboard hot spring training camp, rafting, skydiving, etc.

We will deepen our learning while experiencing various leisure activities.

Traveling with specialists who improve relationships

It's comfortable and fun.

Harapeko Laboratory

Enjoy eating

At Peko Lab, not only our academy members but also our academy members can experience the "joy of eating" with the theme of food education.

If you are interested, be prepared to participate

I'm preparing. Family of Origin Issues, Single Mother Childcare,

This is because allergies can often be resolved through dialogue.


Cooking contest

Make you laugh before eating

This event, which is held once every two months, has a slightly different taste from a general cooking contest.

Not only delicious, but interesting! pleasant! I thought

It is better to give a name and product description with elaborate ideas.

It's about winning.

It's an interesting event that fills your stomach and soul.


Level up with manga

The textbook is anime

"Manga WS" is interesting as a lecture that is very popular and famous at our academy. Lectures on the subject of manga and movies to explore the secrets of communication and clues to solving problems in human relationships include those movies with box office revenue of over 30 billion and those popular movies that have struck a chord with many people. At the academy, it is the subject of skill improvement.

Members-only website

No ridiculous slander

Our academy has a website exclusively for members. It is a site where you can tweet places like Twitter and even flea markets like Mercari. Everything is pure language and I want to make it easier to learn so that I can improve each level.

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