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Education policy

There is a place where you can feel free to consult = Second home = Third place

VS ACADEMY does not think that memorization and listening are the only effective educational methods.

Individual efforts alone can improve communication skills

Because I know that there are things that can't be helped.
Not only the time to provide the service for qualification, but also

So that you can grow even after getting the qualification
We continue to focus on creating third places.

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Professor & Students
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Students in Classroom

Lecture list

According to each person's academic ability

Students Taking Exams

Exam Lecture (Problem Solving Specialist Lecture)

From 10th grade to 6th grade, in order to review the knowledge and values in the life so far, we invite you to participate in the workshop (WS) held by our certified instructor and share your habits and ideas in communication. I'm making time to review. It is designed so that you can get "awareness" by talking with skilled instructors about things that are difficult to notice by yourself, and it is a gateway for specialists who can freely taste words. Depending on the time of the course and the wishes of the students, you can receive one-on-one guidance or guidance in a place where many people participate. Of course, we also offer online lectures.

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Lecture for certified people

Lectures on review are given according to the stage of qualification acquisition.

For example, if you are certified as a language sommelier 10th grade, you will not be promoted to 9th grade immediately, but you will retake the lectures of the grade you learned so that you can deepen your learning according to the personality and speed of the students. You can do it.

Climb the stairs like a general school

It's also an escalator type, but at your own speed

It is also a feature that you can proceed freely.

Professor & Students

Train communication professionals

Communicate something in public. Especially in front of a large number of people, there are not so many opportunities to convey one's thoughts and thoughts, except for special people. Therefore, our academy holds a talk event for qualified people (6th grade and above) who have completed the basic class.

The theme is "Corona Sorrow" and "Mantis" and preach it as a nori bento. Please make it interesting why you were impressed by the passionate appearance. "

This is an event where we will announce these themes on the day while twisting our heads. Of course, the event will be lively, but the launch after that will be full of laughter.

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Challenge to a color consultant

Our academy is more than just a language professional to solve human problems. The colors and scents that are everywhere have a great impact on our lives. Therefore, at our academy, we have developed a logic for solving problems in human relationships from colors and odors, and created a path to play an active role as a color consultant.
Incorporating elements such as Kusei Kigaku, Feng Shui, and first and last name diagnosis, it is natural to clarify the direction to succeed, the time to be concerned, the people who are compatible and the people who are not compatible, etc. We can propose wording for a concrete approach, and we also train consultants who make diagnoses in order to build better relationships.

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