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To change the future

VS ACADEMY has provided a rich educational environment where many people can learn, develop their knowledge, and grow. We have been helping you to be confident in the future with our unique curriculum and methods for about 10 years.

Our academy is prepared to actively communicate in various places, mainly in Tokyo, and by using our own method, we train specialists in problem solving in familiar human relationships and create them as qualified personnel. doing. Furthermore, we strive to provide a narrative that leads to the solution of even the smallest problems in daily life.

Our mission

It is to develop a sommelier of words that can make the best proposals around us.

VS ACADEMY wants to provide an educational place where members can enjoy learning. Our academy's program recognizes that it is important not only to learn theories and laws, but also to fit them into their real lives, and to scrutinize the most appropriate words in the lives of those who have learned, and to make it smooth. It is intended to enable communication. To achieve that goal, we are focusing on creating a place where academy students can easily participate.

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